Monday, February 10, 2014

Aiden - Month 5

The month of December was very special.  It meant Aiden's first Christmas.  Looking back, I am so sad that Eric and I were more on the ball with documenting it in pictures.  We didn't even get a picture of us with Aiden on his first Christmas.  Oh live, you learn.  Here is what I do have from Aiden's 5th month.

The most wonderful thing about Christmas time is getting to be a stay at home mommy for two whole weeks.  It was the best two weeks ever...
filled with lots of naps...


And play with my little man.

Daddy got in on the fun at night after work...

and Aiden was always happy to see him.

The month of December brought a few firsts.  Aiden tried Rice cereal for the first time, and I have a video of the moment, but no pic. 

He also laughed at Brinkley for the first time.  This was a big moment for mommy.

Aiden also tried sitting up for the first time.  
Didn't quite stay up yet, but we thought he looked quite funny...our little gorilla.

Because of the Rice Cereal, Aiden had his first sick doctor's visit. He hadn't pooped in a week!  He didn't seem to mind in this picture taken at the doctor's office.

We tried to get Aiden's picture with Santa, but the wait was always at least 3 hours at Bass Pro.  After the second try, we gave up, but on our way out, saw the opportunity to get his picture with some other bearded men...close enough.  Still don't have Aiden's first picture with Santa.

Christmas Morning came, and Santa  had visited Aiden for the first time!  He delivered some sweet books, and Aiden's favorite new item - his jumperoo.

After we played a bit, we headed over to Lolly and Pops for the Ramirez Christmas.
Aiden had fun showing off his Reindeer outfit....

And playing for a while before presents.

After the Ramirez Christmas, we headed over to Eric's Aunt Debi and Uncle Mike's for the Ramirez/Kirksey Christmas.  
Aiden had fun hanging with the guys....

and with sweet Jordan.

Later in the week, we got together with Aunt Megan, and Aiden got to hang out with cousin Camryn.

They had fun invading each others personal space.

Aiden grew quite a bit in month 5.  He started to develop his little personality.  He smiles and laughs a lot more now, and it made leaving him to go back to work in January so much harder.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Aiden - Month 4

The moth of November was an exciting month.  In November, Aiden got to see his Aunt Hannah get married to his new Uncle Jake.  He also got to enjoy his first Thanksgiving with the Valls family!

Here is a summary of Aiden's Fourth Month:

In November, Aiden celebrated his first Thanksgiving!

He got to visit Harding, and Midnight Oil.

Aiden met his Uncle Hunter for the first time.  
Here we are at Hannah's rehearsal dinner.

He also met my long time good friend, Jenny...

My childhood friend, Amber...

and his sweet Pap, who was beyond excited to get to love on him.

The day of the wedding, he spent some quality time 
with his Uncle Hunter, and Cousin Scout while I helped set up.

We enjoyed a beautiful wedding, and he got a picture with the GORGEOUS bride.

The day after the wedding, he got to spend some quality time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  
He met my cousin Leachelle for the first time...

and it nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Aiden met my Aunt Wendy for the first time, and enjoyed all her loving.

He watched as Leachelle's little boy played...

spent some time with his cousin, Turner...

and got his size compared to his cousin, Scout.

The rest of our week was spent relaxing, 
spending time with Nina...

and Pop...

and Aunt Liz.

He loved chillin with his cousins, 
and Luke loved to love on him during morning cartoons...

After Thanksgiving, we had our traditional "putting up the tree" fun night.
Nina bought the kids matching PJs, and after helping Nina put up her tree, they posed in front of their masterpiece.  I remember how special it was for us to help my Mimi put up her tree, and it was so special watching Turner and Luke pull out some of Mimi's ornaments that got passed down to my Mom.  I can't wait for Aiden to be able to take part in this tradition!

After putting up the tree, we had our family Christmas.  Aiden's first Christmas!
Daddy posed with Aiden before opening presents.

Aiden got lots of goodies, but this was one of his favorites.  He loves his books!

We took a family picture front of Turner's thankfulness chain. 

 And Nina and Pop got a picture with all the grandkids...and granddog.

It was a very special Thanksgiving.  Aiden got to meet so many members of my family, and friends, who are close enough to be family.  I am excited for when he starts to understand and really enjoy all the fun traditions of the Holiday season!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aiden - Month Three

During Month three, we had to develop a little routine.

Here is how our days went beginning in Aiden's Third Month:

In the mornings, mommy gets up, and gets ready.  
Then Aidie gets up, and Daddy feeds him his bottle while Mommy finishes up.  
Aidie and Daddy always have some good cuddle/sleep time before mommy puts Aidie in his car seat:

Sometimes Binky gets in on the snuggles.

Mommy drives Aidie to Ms. Lucy's, and then heads off to work.

Before long, I get to pick up my little man, and after covering him in kisses, this is my view from my rearview mirror.  All the way home.  I love this mirror.  One of the best gifts we got.

Whatever Lucy did with Aiden worked, because he would come home and take a good nap every day. This worked great for me, because I had to pump and clean lots of bottles.
I love these next two sleeping pics.  We called him our little peanut in this stage.

Lots of good afternoon naps.  He sleeps like his Daddy - with his arm over his head.  
He looks so long in these two pics!

I loved it when he would wake up, because that meant two things:  cuddles, and smiles.

Month three brought some firsts.  One first was his first time holding his lovey.  I love this picture.  Sweet boy snuggling with his lovey.

He also started trying to hold his bottle (although he couldn't actually hold it yet)...

Aiden grew a lot in month three, 
and this meant he could fit into a lot of his super cute outfits, like this one....

And of course his Texans jersey.  
This was taken on his changing pad because the second we put it on, he pooped all over it. Unfortunately, we never got another picture of him in his jersey.  :(

Aiden started to sit up in his Bumbo, 
but he would only sit in it for a few minutes before trying to get out.

Sleeping changed in month three.  Up until this month, Aiden slept swaddled up.  In month three, I found that Aiden would bust out of his swaddle and would also begin doing 180s in bed.  We stopped swaddling, and he slept great - still a full nights sleep...

Weekends were spent sleeping in...

With Daddy....

He also got to meet his new little neighbor friends, Mariah, and Emery.

Aiden and Emery are two months apart.

Month three was October, so that meant Aiden's first Halloween!
I couldn't find a cute Halloween costume that fit him, but I loved this cute little outfit.

We enjoyed our first Trunk-or-Treat with our little man.

We realized we hadn't had a picture of the three of us taken since he was born, 
so one afternoon at church...

And Month Three came and went way too quickly, and here we were again.
Brinkley seemed more willing to sit close to Aiden.

I was so excited to catch this sweet smile...

But it took quite a lot to get a good one.  Aiden turned into a little wiggle worm in month three.  I just love this sequence of pictures.  

Month three definitely flew by fast, but the end of the month meant the end of the dreaded "Fourth Trimester", and this meant everything would be so much easier...right??